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The game

Regenerate! is a collaborative resource management game in which players navigate regenerative land stewardship, sustainable development, and systems design thinking.

It's a project of the LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch design challenge and was developed in collaboration with Land Art Generator, Tunnel Monster Collective, and Fly Ranch Project.

Contact us if you are an educator or community group and would like us to send you a free board game and/or provide a hands-on demonstration.


You can download all of the pdf files here and print at home.

Dream! Design! Deploy!


Fly Ranch. The jewel of the Great Basin Desert.

Where the horizon captivates the creative and emboldens the best in us. Scorching hot summers give way to windburned winters. Wild horses gallop in advance of flash floods.

Ancient mineral colors stream forth from the earth over geological time.

Through the deafening silence of this remote and off-grid landscape you can hear the call of a different kind of future—one where humans thrive in concert with Earth's abundance and where innovation demands respect for nature's complexity.

Together we acknowledge this traditional land of the Numu (Northern Paiute), Nuwu (Southern Paiute), Newe (Western Shoshone), and Wa She Shu (Washoe)—and pay our respects to their elders past, present, and future.

Your challenge is to work collaboratively to build a community that balances growth with sustainability so that human history and natural history can realign to stand against the tide of climate change as we endeavor to turn away from extraction and consumption towards stewardship and regeneration.

Here in this high desert shrub steppe you have the potential to transform the world.

Accept the challenge and brace for impact!

Dream, Design, Deploy


the team behind the game

Land Art Generator Initiative


The Land Art Generator brings forward solutions for sustainable infrastructures that are reflections of local culture and centered on communities.

By incorporating clean technologies as the media for creative expression, Land Art Generator projects are works of art in public space that contribute to climate solutions.

Land Art Generator consults with cities, planners, developers, and communities to co-design regenerative infrastructures that engage the public, beautify public places, and inspire a more rapid and equitable energy transition.



Fly Ranch Project


Black Rock City is the oldest and largest Burning Man gathering in the world. Each August, Black Rock City is briefly home to 70,000 people in northern Nevada gathering to celebrate Burning Man. The gathering has been built in roughly the same spot every year but one since 1990. In 1997, Black Rock City moved to Fly Ranch, a 3,800 acre property just north of the normal event site. For twenty years after that event, people imagined building a permanent home for Burning Man’s temporary community at Fly Ranch. In 2016, Burning Man Project—the non-profit that organizes the city—became the steward of Fly Ranch.



Tunnel Monster Collective

Tunnel Monster Collective (TMC) is an independent game design company based in Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in thematically rich tabletop games. Established in 2019, TMC was built from a passion for creative design and unique player experiences. Their mission is to utilize the power of collaborative storytelling to explore fascinating histories, harrowing and hopeful futures, and memorable shared moments for players.




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