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Game Development
Tunnel Monster Collective


available october of 2021

The game

Regenerate! is a collaborative resource management game in which players navigate regenerative land stewardship, sustainable development, and systems design thinking.

It's a project of the LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch design challenge. The game was developed in collaboration with Land Art Generator, Tunnel Monster Collective, and Fly Ranch Project.

Regenerate! is played over 20 rounds during which teams design and deploy projects that allow them to gain resources (Water, Energy, Food, and Capital) and score community points. All resources must be managed efficiently and community score is used to assess the team’s performance at the end of the game.

The goal is to maintain regenerative conditions at Fly Ranch as you develop the land, engage with community, and navigate unexpected events. This requires strategic Project design to maximize regeneration and minimize degeneration.

The team must also manage random events, which are revealed at the beginning of each round. As the game progresses, more event cards are revealed each round, and the positive or negative impact of events are intensified. This simulates the impact of climate change on community development and landscape conservation. Events can impact short-term and long-term strategy, so the team must be agile and robust, allowing them to adapt to the challenges of a changing climate.

Dream! Design! Deploy!



In November of 2020 we finalized gameplay with community game testing. Thank you to everyone who participated in this process!

Beginning in October of 2021 we'll be offering hands on game demonstrations at libraries, public schools, and more.

Please let us know if you would like us to bring the game to your group!

the team behind the game

Land Art Generator Initiative


The Land Art Generator brings forward solutions for sustainable infrastructures that are reflections of local culture and centered on communities.

By incorporating clean technologies as the media for creative expression, Land Art Generator projects are works of art in public space that contribute to climate solutions.

Land Art Generator consults with cities, planners, developers, and communities to co-design regenerative infrastructures that engage the public, beautify public places, and inspire a more rapid and equitable energy transition.



Fly Ranch Project


Black Rock City is the oldest and largest Burning Man gathering in the world. Each August, Black Rock City is briefly home to 70,000 people in northern Nevada gathering to celebrate Burning Man. The gathering has been built in roughly the same spot every year but one since 1990. In 1997, Black Rock City moved to Fly Ranch, a 3,800 acre property just north of the normal event site. For twenty years after that event, people imagined building a permanent home for Burning Man’s temporary community at Fly Ranch. In 2016, Burning Man Project—the non-profit that organizes the city—became the steward of Fly Ranch.



Tunnel Monster Collective

Tunnel Monster Collective (TMC) is an independent game design company based in Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in thematically rich tabletop games. Established in 2019, TMC was built from a passion for creative design and unique player experiences. Their mission is to utilize the power of collaborative storytelling to explore fascinating histories, harrowing and hopeful futures, and memorable shared moments for players.




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